Advanced Security Systems Ltd.

Batashon™ Combat ATV

Versatile, feature-packed armed response ATV
Agile, compact vehicle, designed to carry a small Combat/Security detachment or patrol/reconnaissance detail.
Main applications:
• Site & installation security.
• Special forces & RDF (Rapid Deployment Forces).
• Reconnaissance & surveillance.
• Antitank missions.
• Handling & transport under extreme or Special conditions.
• Designed to operate under extreme conditions & carry sunstantial amounts of combat equipment & weaponary while offering maximum safety to the occupants.
• Excellent mobility, off-road handling & response capabilities.
A specially designed, dual-purpose trailer:
• Used to transport the BATASHON™ to the mission area.
• May be towed by the BATASHON™ in such applicaitons as MedEvac (medical evacuation), transportation of heavy loads (mortar, ammunition, etc.) and various other tasks.
Armament, equipment & accessories:
• Massive firepower: machine guns, small arms & antitank weapons.
• Communication systems, video cameras.
• Armor protection (small arms & fragmentation).
• Navigation & orientation systems.
The BATASHON™ ATV was certified by TECHNION, Israel’s leading technological institute, to carry two combatants in a configuration that has no adverse effect on the required safety standards or maneuverability characteristics of the vehicle.